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Elimination of bad luck

Elimination of bad luck

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Ginza Miyake Shrine's amulet set is now on sale! !

On the Ginza Miyake Shrine [Gankake Zodiac Stone], the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, from child to boar, are carved in different colors.
Find the same color as the letters on each set box and touch it with the bag of salt in the set to make your own divine salt! !
Please come to Ginza Miyakemiya.

*The amulet cannot be returned.

Box size: H25mm x W57mm x D102mm
Contents: Divine Salt of Miyakemiya Purification and Good Luck (10g)
Engagement evil charm: H54mm x W21mm
Tenugui handkerchief (purple): about H35 x W40 cm
Instructions & How To: Touch the three pink letters of the twelve Zodiac stones with a bag of salt.
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